About Me

It was during my undergraduate studies that I started clicking photos using my nikon d3200. In fact college was a dilemma, caught up among physicists, especially when my passion was placed elsewhere. Colours and emotions fascinate me like anything and I entrap them without the knowledge of onlookers. This is what I would like to offer to all my beautiful couples on their wedding day-a perfectly woven mixture of colours and emotions that would make their big day an unforgettable one.Photography is not about forcing people to pause, its all about being with people, mingling with them and being ready for those moments of love and happiness to come out in its natural course. I sincerely wish to extend my photography ventures beyond commercial purposes by doing something that is within my threshold for serving the society. Love sees no barriers, no restrictions can withold its purity. As my way of communicating this idea I would like to express my support to those couples who have united despite the regulations put forth by society. Yes, a completely free of cost photo shoot for intercaste couples is certainly a speciality I offer.